Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Stamford Bridge redevelopment.

Stamford Bridge redevelopment.

I do hope they aren't going to knock it all down and give us a bowl, like the Allianz. I was told 3 sides were being done, one at a time, and we're off to Twickenham for 3 years. Whilst these purpose built new stadia are nice for an away game visit, I wouldn't fancy being in a big bowl every week. Even the Emirates is shit.

I'd like the Bridge done - smaller stands rebuilt. But we'll see.

Dan Levene's article is worth a read:


Monday, 11 May 2015

Funny little story on Talksport just now.

Funny little story on Talksport just now.

The presenter, Andy Jacobs, is a Chelsea season ticket holder in the MHU.

He was talking to the head steward who was telling him about the lengths fans go to to get into the stadium.

Apparently, last season, they stopped a Liverpool fan for the routine bag check. The geezer was not keen to open it, but they insisted.

Eventually, they opened the bag, and inside was... his 4 year old son.

Walk on...

Slippy G - regrets never moving on...

I believe slippy g does regret never moving from the scousers. I genuinely do. He had the chance to come to Chelsea, and actually wanted to but alleged 'other pressures' swayed him to stay. He could then have gone to Inter and Real. Jose wanted him. To live and play in another country is more than just experience. He will be telling his grandkids he never went to anyone else but he now wishes he had.

I have always said that about Lamps. I could understand had he gone to Real or Barca years ago. Just for a couple of years. I know I would have done had I had the chance. I love my Club but I think to show you can do it at another club and /or in another country shows you are a true great.

I wonder how steve bull feels? Loyal to wolves. Wonderful. I bet he thinks he should moved up a notch for a few years when he could've done.

Similarly with managers. Old red nose did well in the PL, with his extra help from the FA/PL and refs. No doubt about that. But he never managed abroad. He almost did fkk all in Europe. A 2-goal end to the one-sided game v Bayern gave him an unexpected and undeserved win the first time, and I obviously don't want to mention the moscow game where had our captain, leader, legend hit the fkn thing down the middle he would have lost that one too. That isn't a fantastic European record. Red nose never proved himself elsewhere.

Just my opinion.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Special One

8 League titles in 12yrs with 4 different teams in 4 different countries.

The Special One.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Listen to gary 'the manc' neville's summary.

Listen to gary 'the manc' neville's summary.

This gives you an insight to the last two season's since Jose returned. Meanwhile brenda already had a year at scouseland by the time Jose got back. All within FFP. Look at what team's have spent. And to think brenda's answer was to run down to southampton to raid them. Open your eyes.

Just watch & listen to this. If the scousers still think next year is your year [again] then you're in dreamland.


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

How much have the scousers spent over the years on players?

How much have the scousers spent over the years on players?

How are they with the FFP rules these last couple of seasons?

What did brenda spend the cannibal money on? Surely he was trying to buy better players? Just like every other manager has tried up there over the last 25 years.

The wages paid to players are taken into consideration with FFP, so your argument there doesn't hold as much water as you imply.

There is always an excuse. It's always someone else's fault. Everything is fine in scouse land. It's always been fine. Nothing of a problem nature has been their doing. They should have won the Premier League, but every other fkkr has been buying players and that isn't fair. The scousers may have bought hundreds in their own pursuit but that doesn't count. The owners have the scousers in their blood. There is no debt. The scousers year will be next year.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Champions 2014/15 - Making History, Not Reliving it

It's nice to wake up as Champions.

The hangover is worth it.

Up the Chels'.

"Making History, Not Reliving It"

Monday, 10 November 2014

Arsene: "It's Chelsea's to lose"

Arsene speaks up.

"It's Chelsea's to lose"

north London didn't do too well at the weekend.

north London didn't do too well at the weekend.

One of their fans expresses some comment...

Angry Arsenal fan is angry, explodes on camera

That arse tv looks a hoot. hilarious.

And they're all putting stickers on each other: "in arsene we rust".


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

Not a bad game.

The scousers started quite well, and kopped a deflected goal to their advantange.

But then Chelsea took control. We were a different class.

Skrtel is a pussy. Diego is a monster. That sums alot up.

Up the Chels'.